Nov 10, 2009

The truth about being a stay home Mom

Stay home Moms have all the time to do what they like

Forget about recession lets have coffee....
I am a stay home mom, but I tend to work on my computer from morning till when my son comes back from school. Ask me what Im doing? Just surfing the net and blogging, I put on my computer this morning about 6.50 I had to retype a document in pdf to excel God knows if there is a way to do it automatically.... please if there is do not mention it to me as I will go crazy.

After 3.30 minutes I finished and sent it to whoever I had to send to who was waiting on the other side of the oceans.

Anyway, after all this a friend called me to have coffee just outside my home this time not at the starbucks because she loves Au bon pain.

eating out

We sat for over 2 hours we had a nice mango and passion smoothie

mango passion smoothie

But then, after 2 hours of chit chat it's time to rush home and prepare a snack for my son.

from school he comes with homework maths, writing, reading but to be frank it is easy as abc as he loves what he does and so in a few minutes homework is done. So, mommy has no headache over homework story.
See you later.

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