Nov 9, 2009

Best Restaurants in London

As I type this message my husband is in London for work. It's not the first time he goes there, but every time he is in London for a day or two he is always worried of where to find good Restaurants in London. All this has changed now thanks to qype.

So this time before he left we set out on finding a good resource for Restaurants London and Pubs London, its amazing what we came up with. Restaurants London based on user recommendations and reviews of the best things in London from London restaurants, bars, gigs, hotels to events and anything you want to find in London.

Travelling to a big city like London for just a few days can be difficult to find the best but with qype everything changes and whatever information you need is right there infront of you. And by the way the first restaurant we found they had dinner there last night and he said it was fantastic.

Since qype has been very useful to us Im recommending it here to my readers anytime you have London as your destination if anything it simplifies planning for you by helping you find the best also because the information there are submitted by users. Millions of users putting information for others to benefit from.

I wish all cities had websites like this that help make travellers especially with just a short time stay there to just locate the best.

Definitely will be using this Restaurants London again and again for me or my husbands travel!
Check it out and see what people are saying about where to eat, hotels, nightlife, shopping and what shows are where in town and much more.

A good resource for everyone travelling through London even for a stopover and have few hours there you are sure to get the best!
Bookmark this page Restaurants London and next time you stop in London make use of it!

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