Dec 7, 2017

Dusting old recipes in time for Christmas

Cooking from Sweden Dangerously delicious homemade pies
With Christmas just around the corner, family getting together and expecting a lot of cooking, its time dust old recipes from the shelves. This is called Torta salata in Italian - 'Salty cake'
This is very easy to make at home: Filling Ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese and spinach. A detailed step by step recipe you will find it here
Cook Italian way torta salata step by step You can always use what you have around as filling. Mushrooms, marshed potatoes and pumpkin and all other vegetables you love. Keep cooking and enjoy!

Aug 22, 2017

Unrepentant Viking Swimmers

Would-be bathers and unrepentant Viking swimmers, with Malmö and the Öresund bridge looming on the horizon. Globe trotting and still in search of food. Our Scandinavian journey starts now - Sweden.
Welcome to Sweden part of our lives. Will be documenting our Swedish life experiences, culture, most of all food discoveries.

Make Happy Housewife blog your place to go for receipe/recepe ideas to surprise your family and friends.

Nov 29, 2016

Mikebe Farmer - The tin farmer

What do you do when you dream of having your small kitchen garden but all you have is small piece of concrete? However, this has not stopped me from creating my own lovely kitchen garden using plastic bottle.
My bottle garden is thriving and I have enough basil to prepare pesto twice a week.
I do not have to worry where to find Basil anymore because I have fresh, organic from my kitchen mikebe garden. If you fancy a Pasta and Pesto meal you are invited!

My Bottle Garden with Spinach, sage, capsicum and Basil

Feb 25, 2016

Tiramisu the Italian way right here in Nairobi

Some friends came over for dinner and were surprised to the original taste of this tiramisu. Here in Nairobi. It costs a little bit to make it the original way, but at the end it is worth it.

Oct 13, 2015

Chicken Recipes - Easy Recipes

This is for you all looking for new chicken recipes ideas, or just easy recipes like a simple mom. Here in this blog you will find food recipes that are simple and healthy Imagine this recipe and make it. It is easy to make recipe and from a Mom it is healthy too. Thin slices of chicken are first, flavoured (I do with black pepper grinded fresh plus salt) then covered with white wheat flour, then in eggs after that bread crumbs. Put them in hot oil to deep fry. when ready golden place on paper napkins to absorb extra oil. Serve with salad, boiled potatoes instead of chips. If you can serve with pan cooked broccoli with garlic and butter -that will be super cool. Broccoli is good for health.

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Aug 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Home Made Cake

Think...Eat...Save As we get ready to celebrate Easter holidays with the above theme we revisit some of our own home made cakes for birthdays, saving us a bit of coins. I can say my cake decoration skills are getting better. You can visit my earlier posts on cake recipes in this blog and make one at home for your family or friends. I usually do recipes that are easy for anyone to be able to make and with little. This Easter Surprise your loved ones

Apr 29, 2014

Five Star Home Made Meal for your family

Eating at home can be equally rewarding as an evening eating out at a restaurant. At happy Housewife's - home made meal is always something everyone looks foward toward to. Sitting at dinner, catching up on the day's happening, is something every family must make time for atleast a few days a week. At happy housewife we love to make those dinners as beautiful as when you eat at a 5-Star restaurant Menu: Special HappyHousewife Chicken rolls in white wine

Served with Potatoes (boiled and garnished with parsley)

Tomatoe Salad

Buttered Brocolli

Mar 2, 2014

Vegetable treat: Simple easy Aubergin and Pork

aubergine recipe

Im trying to post some recipes have made recently but as you can read in my Bangkok Posts below Im just soo lost is following what is happening in the streets. As soon as I can when things get calmer I will make the posts with pictures.
Thanks for reading

Jan 8, 2014

Pizza time!

easy homemade pizza recipes
Yesterday evening my son was in a mood to participate in pizza making for dinner. Below is the picture of us preparing (mushrooms, mozzarella) ready for the oven.

I have in the past posted steps for making your Italian true pizza just like the Italians do.


Nov 29, 2013

Eating Healthy In Nairobi - Home Made Signature Chicken

I call myself a Happy Housewife for a reason. I love what I do, cleaning, cooking and being the manager for my domestic ltd and my talented 10 year old singer (recording artist) and actor. Being a stay home Mom allows me to be creative in the kitchen. This is the chicken I love most, boneless thigh you find a nice one in Uchumi...(Uchumi should pay me for saying this :-) There are many ways I serve this chicken, with chapati, Piadina( Bread made in the area where my second home is),boiled potatoes (meru potatoes)or with oven baked potatoes and veggies. Accompany with Salad (as you can see in the picture it is rocket-rucola with olive oil and shredded parmesan cheese) my son loves this to bits.

Nov 11, 2013

Recipes for Christmas

I have concentrated so much in the Music but will soon be posting nice recipes for you. For now Watch Luca's A better place song launched last month