Jul 8, 2008

Mortadella: Mortadella recipe

Mortadella recipe

I have used Mortadella a lot but the best recipe is the Romagna's (a region in Italy) recipe on filled pasta filled with Mortadella and other Ingredients.Mortadella an Italian ham commonly in the world reffered to as Mortadella.

In other events Mortadella comes in handy for making sandwiches for parties. If you want to try homemade filled pasta with Mortadella visit my step by step. Anyone can make it.

Process of homemade pasta making here

The dough recipe here


web hosting said...

Italian recipies are becoming favorites of every one day by day.Mortadella sounds one of the interesting and delicious Italian recipe.I really want to learn it from you.

Luisa said...

Hi Mary, I'm italian and I'm very glad you like the italian recipes! Mortadella is very good and the best one you can have in Bologna (Emilia Romagna). Have you lived in Italy ?

Nomadic Mary said...

Hi Luisa,

I love Italian food and in my house wherever I am I cook 90% italian oriented dishes, thanks for stopping by.