Nov 24, 2009

Mom cooks and thinks that ....

Everyday thoughts of a girl from the slopes:

What would I do differently if I were to go back in the lands around the slopes of Mt. Kenya?

1) A lot of food conservation - See, where I come from the land is rich and we have most of agricultural products produced in the area. From products to use locally up to the export products. During harvest time there is much of everything but most crops being perishable need to find market quickly, if not which was mostly the case would end up rotting like tomatoes, cabbages and carrots.
What would I do about this?

With a financial help I would set up a processing plant that would can or bottle some of these vegetables. Plus, especially fruit would make dried fruits that would later be packaged and sold in bigger cities and hopefully out of the country.

2. Herbal teas: Already there is a project where I went to high school that is doing this and I have been able to drink herbal teas from my district while in Italy. I would make herbal teas from other herbs in the region and export and also encourage people to drink herbal teas for their health.

3. Improved animal production chicken, rabbit and fish farming encouraging more farmers to turn also into production of these to improve diets and hopefully look for funds or joint ventures to modern slaughter house that will cater to providing to supermarkets.

Ok, now let me not spill all the beans here this will be my base to changing the cooking in the slopes. Balanced diets as the base to improved health.

children drawing

Picture drawn by my 6 year old son. Loves drawing and singing! See him on stage here

Performance of Ben by Michael Jackson during the kids learning day at an exhibition center in Bangkok!

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