May 2, 2018

Forget Weight Loss e-books

Forget Weight loss, Ketogenic diet‬,Carbohydrate‬,‪nutrition‬ experts eating healthy and sustainably is the future. Home made easy simple food is all you need.
Eat homemade food as much as you can, spoil yourself sometime with a bit of tiramisu here and Ricotta cheese cake there.

Eat seasonal food.
Eat locally produced food.
Eat less meat.
Enjoy food life!

Pineapple Experiment

Pineapple Cake
 400g flour, 4 eggs, 200g butter, splash of lemon juice, 4 spoonfuls of yogurt, 300g sugar (However sugar you can decide on more or less) Pineapple, 10g of baking powder

Beat eggs and sugar ,add melted butter, yogurt plus lemon, mix with flour at low speed.

Bake at 160°c