Nov 15, 2009

Italian recipe for babies 8 months

When my son was 7 months an Italian friend of mine brought me a few Italian recipes for baby food. But, as far as I can remember I always made for my baby home made food I never bought ready made food for my baby from supermarkets. Here you will find what my baby started eating soon after weaning. Believe me, he grew strong never had problems like most of my friends who had children same time not even in winter when so many problems related to cold and so on. My doctor following him now he is always asking what does he eat he is such a healthy baby.
Take my word if you have time you can prepare the best healthy food for your baby starting from choosing right products.

Rich yoghurt for breakfast for your 8 month old baby

Take white yoghurt and put it in a cup. Add 2 spoonfuls of honey and mix well. Peel half an apple and cut it into very small pieces peel also half a banana and cut into small pieces too.
(you could also add candied grapes - optional but first put them in warm water)

You could also add healthy biscuit.

This is good healthy breakfast you can prepare for your 8 month old baby

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