Mar 24, 2010

Simple Easy Italian Brijole/Braciola recipe

Brijole step by step recipe

braciole/brijole recipe

Brijole step by step recipe

braciole/brijole recipe

The Perfect Italian Brijole/Braciole recipe from the way my mother in laws does it. Easy simple brijole recipe of a lifetime

Some call it brajole others braciole recipe and in America brijole, but definitely all is the same.Simple Easy Italian Brijole to cook in this blog.

Italians food can be simple and easy to prepare anywhere. You do not have to go to an italian restaurant or Italy to eat like Italians. You can learn the basics of Italian cookingg right here in this blog and create an Italian corner in your Kitchen wherever you are. Look all the food presented in this blog I make it and most of the time I'm not in Italy. Follow my ideas and see what local products you can use.

I always enjoy summer when there is more of grilled meat. If you happen to go to Kenya for a holiday or a safari Brijole or grilled style meat will be called "Nyama Choma".

Italians also enjoy grilled meat as I mentioned mostly during summer outdoors. Let me take you through a simple way of preparing your meat like my Mother in Law does.

There is not much to be done for her marinated brijole she marinate the meat in rosemary, salt and sage.

(lets look at another step by step brijole recipe in the next post)
Then after some minutes it's on the grill. She will mostly serve with Piadina I have a recipe in the beginning of the blog but you can short-cut from Italian bread

I hope you are here looking for brijole recipe you already have a non stick pan

or another very useful item in grilling for those who want a perfect grill here especially this easter

This Product Features
- Reversible grill/griddle made of cast iron for fast, even heating
- Slight slope directs grease into generous grease gutter
- Grip side-handles provide safe, convenient transport
- Hand wash only with hot water; comes seasoned and ready to use
- Measures 20 by 10-7/16 inches; limited lifetime warranty

If you are doing your grilling in the oven in your house which I also do sometime then there are some resources for you on meat quality and safety here read this

I found the following article very important as it is related to grilled meat. Better know what you are eating and what can be side effects.
Reduce Your Cancer Risk From Grilled Meat

Research suggests that grilled meat may increase the risk of certain types of cancer. Red meats, poultry and fish produce compounds called heterocyclic amines (known carcinogens) when cooked at high temperatures. Another type of carcinogen called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are formed when animal fat drips onto hot coals which then flame up and deposit the carcinogens on the meat. You can reduce your exposure to these carcinogens by following the following grilling tips:

Choose lean cuts of meat to grill, instead of high-fat varieties such as ribs or sausages.
Trim fats from meats when possible and remove skin from poultry.
Use tongs or a spatula to turn foods instead of a fork. Piercing meat with a fork allows fats and juices to drip down onto the hot coals which causes flame-ups.
Removed charred areas from meat before eating.
Marinate meats in marinade that contains anti-oxidants (vinegar, citrus juice, herbs, spices and olive oil) as research suggests that this may help inhibit the formation of carcinogens on grilled meat.
Read on here


Emmanuel Norman Nakhokho said...

Mary l have liked the food menu of the week and l hope all are very nice for you
let me hope to get the updates from your cooking pot

Nomadic Mary said...

Hi Emmanuel,
thanks for stopping by. I will keep everyone updated through this blog of what I'm cooking.
Keep Coming!

Emmanuel Norman Nakhokho said...

Glory be to God the way you do your things make most of the students here at Makerere university feel happy
Even l for one feel much touched for you to make A Hotel here in Uganda or Kenya

Nomadic Mary said...

Hi Norman,
thanks so so much. I wish I could open a restaurant someday! Pass my greetings to all friends from Makerere University!

DuplexLPL said...

Iam feeling HUNGRY noww...seems So Tasty and Juicy...slurppppp!!