Mar 17, 2010

Carrot Benefits

I have been wanting to blog about benefits of eating carrots for some time since my husband started using lens few months ago. And he kept telling our son it is because he did not eat enough carrots when he was growing up. So, now my son want to eat more carrots for his eyesight.

carrot for eyesight

Carrots have extremely major healthy benefits to our bodies. Carrots are the richest foods in Beta-Carotene which is the ingredient that gives it it's orange color. This may according to research reduce cancer risks in humans.
As you might know carrots can be eaten raw or cooked overcooking deprives them of nutrients. Best cooking method is steaming. But eating them in salad is best. I grew up eating carrots direct from my family garden and I miss that now.
You can store them (with soil) for quite some time, plus also you can conserve them by drying or bottles (preserves)
Some few ways of utilising carrots:

Carrot Juice with vegetables (can be bought from shops but why not make something fresh from your home?)
eg take 4 carrots and half cucumber wash them cut and process in the juicer.
or for apple and carrot juice, just take 1 apple and 3 carrots, wash, peel carrots, cut them and juice.
or even tomato/carrot, you take 3 carrots, 1 tomato and half stalk of celery, cut everything and juice everything.

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