Mar 25, 2010

Italian Birthday for kids: How to

Italian Bruschetta

6 or more pieces of bread
250g of ripe tomatoes
basil (depends on availability)

cut the tomatoes and basil into small pieces removing seeds from the tomato, mix together in a bowl with olive oil
adding a pinch of salt

put the pieces of bread in the oven for few minutes,
garlic the bread by scrubbing it on the bread, for every piece garlicked bread decorate with the fresh tomato.Arrange on a large tray to serve.

Festive mood? No time to do alot of cooking?
Then follow my simple Pizza recipes here and instead of making a whole big pizza take a cup or a glass to curve out small pizza's which are just perfect for a birthday celebration.
Chicken skewers

marinate the chicken lemon juice, honey and Worcester sauce plus add salt and pepper and marinade for 1 hour. grill.

Chicken skewers number 2: Marinade the chicken cubes with coconut milk and yellow curry and serve with coconut milk cooked with peanut butter sauce.

Check out more chicken recipes on my previous posts here simple easy chicken receipes/recipes

bread filled with ham or salame
As you can see in the picture there is an Italian kind of bread filled with salame and ham this will do great time for the party you are throwing. Just read on how to make this at my Italian bread recipe/reciepes

birthday menu

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