Mar 31, 2010

Healthy food for babies: Homemade Healthy baby food

When I first introduced baby food to my son I did not one day buy baby food from the shops. Feeding your infants healthy food grow into healthy babies and who says you cannot make healthy food for your little one right from the start at home?

Forget about myths of baby food from the shops is the most healthy and people who discourage you from making baby food from home. You should know today as parents that making baby food at home is simple and saves you money for better future projects for your baby. Making home made food for your baby ensures your baby gets best quality, best nutrition and best taste. Making baby food using fresh and natural ingredients has many benefits interms of health: no additives, fresh, nutritional and economical.

My favourite mix of 7 vegetables for my almost 7 year old food. Feeding your baby healthy homemade food will keep your baby healthy and little visits to the doctor.

baby food

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