Jun 9, 2009

Simple easy quick Italian recipes: Risotto with asparagus

320g of rice
250-300g asparagus (points of small asparagus)
1 spoon of olive oil
50 g butter
1 spoonful of parsley crushed
Parmesan (just enough)

fry (olive oil and half butter)the the asparagus (use of onion is optional), around 10 minutes then add the rice then add broth little by little as it is absorbed, halfway cooked add the parsley and add 1/2 butter. Cook the rice al dente. Then last add the parmesan mix and ready to serve.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i love Risotto and i am going to try this recipe for dinner today!

Mary said...

Hello Dear Visitor,

I too love risotto but mostly the one with porcini mushrooms but here in Bangkok cannot find them.