Feb 2, 2010

Wine tasting event: I did it

The wine event and Italian cooking

Simple easy Italian recipes was really very happy to participate in an event around Christmas of a wine tasting event here in Bangkok. The wine idea came from a friend of mine who needed some new business ideas to work on during his permanency here.

The event was attended by a number of wine producers from Italy as it was only Italian wine that was present on this day. Everyone present really enjoyed the day, lot's of wines from different areas of Italy.
From this initial success my friend has decided to pursue events as his business and will mainly target food and wine industry not only from Italy so watch this blog for developments.
Now, as a blogging and internet Mom he has asked me to design for him a simple website for his business, so you can guess what I am up to today, web site hosting search. I have the site ready and within today I have to get some good hosting for his site.

I'm really excited about this whole event thing and my readers can always send suggestions of this project if you read this blog.

I will be happy to share with you some nice details of what is cooking with this project.

Italian wines

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