Feb 25, 2010

Italian cooking in world kitchens

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Most of us who are lovers of Italian food were not even born in Italy and years back would not even have thought that life would take them to Italy and fall in love with Italian cooking and become their daily bread so to say.
Most have also been cooking some dishes over and over that eventually it has become house brand. And like I was talking to some friends and were saying that they are really into Italian food but are afraid to prepare in their own kitchens as it might be difficult to prepare. I have not let anything stop me from cooking Italian food every other day in my house and it has become favourite place for friends to enjoy an Italian homemade meal.

Most Italian recipes are easy to make and you end up with the same results if it was made somewhere in Italy. Not all Italian cooking requires the whole day of work like most people are afraid that it requires so much time to make Italian food but this is not true. Once you have the basics it is very easy. For example it takes me around 2 hours to compose lasagne that can feed 8 people. I think also like I do I love to share my cooking secrets for Italian food as I also got them from someone else. And when you look around the internet today there are heaps of resources being shared every day on how to make various recipes. People sharing recipes and all information in every angle of the internet blogs, Article Alley, websites and videos regarding how to make this great food in your own kitchen.
Remember that the most important thing when cooking Italian food is to have fun as the final part of eating is the most important, Italians bring on the table all those courses slowly as they need time to enjoy their meal and chat.
Enjoy your Italian cooking
Buon Appettito!

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