Feb 2, 2010

Valentine's: Don't forget

Valentine's is not only about flowers but also about making someone feel special. There are many ways of doing that, for me here at easy Italian recipes it's always normal to do that with a cake or pizza or home-made dinner to someone to make them feel loved and part of a family.
When I was in high school we wrote a special note to someone, sent some biscuits and or candy's.
Today, everything has become so complicated and there goodies out there for special valentine's, I'm thinking about everyone going for stylish clothes, large menswear, shoes, chocolate, gadgets, red roses, candle lit dinners even romantic cruises.
I live in a city considered a shopping paradise and you can imagine all the shop windows are only displaying Valentine's but do not forget that this is also a period of showing love and extending a helping hand to your neighbour who might be in need. Get yourself organised and do something different this Valentines, does not mean if you do not send red flowers you love the other person less. Just take a step towards a little act of kindness that shows you care.
Let me take this opportunity to wish all my readers a happy Valentine's and say to someone you love them this season, could be even the neighbour next door that you somehow never said hi...

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