Feb 7, 2010

Living: Silk your bed

In search of Home Deco answers
Ever since I put foot in Thailand I thought to myself I need a silk bed cover. And like you might know this place is the home of Silk. So I decided one afternoon that I needed to go to the weekend market and get some few items I needed for my bedroom and that of my son. So, went to the market and did not buy only one but did buy two of them.
When I sent my sister a picture she said she needed one too so I went back to the market and again and again.
Well, Im still here my bed is still silked but I think now after some time using it I need to change my bedroom set. And Im off to the market again this coming weekend.

But, Im thinking what really makes a really nice homely bedroom? Is it table & chairs sets, sofa & coffee table sets, bedroom sets, cozy room sets, study room sets, kitchen utensils & accessories or is it the furniture or a happy family?
Should it be Italian, German, English or simple African style?

Let me know what you think.
If you have the answer shout with a post.
bedroom set

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