Sep 20, 2009

Recipe Ideas with left over wines

Making good use of leftover wines.

After a nice party with family and friends and you find yourself with some left over wines, what do you do? Drink?

I do not drink wine but a times have been in the same situation with just a little wine sitting there for ages.
Here are some ideas for that wine especially now in times of recession we do not throw nothing.
Think of a simple easy pasta with grated Parmesan cheese, butter and fresh herbs, a splash of wine would do miracles to the serving.

Use left over white or red wine to enhance flavour for your meat dishes (I especially love white wine with chicken + rosemary and garlic) Mmmm...yummy you find the recipe in this blog.

With red wine I also posted in this blog beef marinated in left over red wine.

Not to mention with fish!

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