Sep 17, 2009

An all time favourite: Chicken, beef or vegetable curry

From my Thai recipes I have posted in the past here is how you go on with this dish

Beef Pa-naeng (beef in dry Red curry)

Living in Thailand. Like the Italian cooking I think that with Thai cooking you get a few basics and then you are set to vary in different ways. With my Thai cooking I gained after doing my cooking class in Chiangmai way back in year 2002, was full of surprises and new adventures. I had just got married the year earlier and it was fun travelling far away after I had left my mother country just a year earlier.
Little did I know that a year later we would move to Thailand for my husbands work and live there for the following 2 years.

250g Coconut Milk
160g Pa-naeng or red curry paste (I use one spoonful- as thai food is usually hot make sure you dose this according level of support of hot chilli)
650g Beef tenderloin, thinly sliced
35g Fish sauce
30g brown sugar
30g finely crushed peanut or chunky peanut butter
6g Kaffir lime leaves, thinly sliced
20g red chilli peppers, thinly sliced lengthwise (I use capsicum as it is meant for garnish)

-Mix the coconut milk with the red curry paste in a sauce pan. Heat the mixture and stir until it forms bubbles.
-Lower the heat and continue stirring the mixture until the red oil surfaces.
-Add sliced beef in the hot curry mixture . Raise the heat, add fish sauce and sugar. When beef is almost done , add crushed peanuts. Lower the heat and cook the beef until it is done and the sauce becomes thick.
-At this point, more fish sauce and sugar can be added if needed. The regular taste trend of this dish is the balance between saltiness and sweetness.
-Garnish the curry with the thinly sliced red chilli peppers (I use here capsicum)and kaffir lime leaves.
Serve with steamed rice.
Note: Thai meals are served not in courses but various dishes at the same time all with steamed rice.

With this base you can make all sorts of curries varying only the ingredients. Shrimps, vegetables of your choice just a little creativity in your Kitchen and dinner is served

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