Nov 18, 2008

Thai Fruits: Salacca

Last week I went to a Loy Kratong event here and there was a collection of Thai fruits. Some of the fruit I love and eat them a lot and also use them to prepare my desserts like the mango but the fruit pictured below I have only seen it in supermarkets, or street vending places never tasted it myself.
Below also you see the description from Wikipedia about this fruit.

From Wikipedia:

Salacca is a genus of 20 species of palms native to tropical southeastern Asia. They are very short-stemmed palms, with leaves up to 6-8 m long. The leaves have a spiny petiole; in most species they are pinnate with numerous leaflets, but some species, notably S. magnifica, have undivided leaves.

The fruit grow in clusters at the base of the plants, and are edible in many species, with a reddish-brown scaly skin covering a white pulp and one to two large inedible seeds. The Salak (S. zalacca) is the species most widely grown for the fruit, which has a slight acidic taste.

The skin of the Salacca fruit has a unique texture not unlike that of a snake's skin, rough to the touch in one direction but smooth in the other.

I haven't yet tried this fruit you can leave us a comment if you have

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