Nov 20, 2008

Birthday Me: Smile and 1 year older

Cooking is one of things I enjoy doing, I try to try a recipe from a country that I visit or live. I haven't cooked anything yet though today is my birthday. Sooo many years back in a small rural village on the slopes of Mt. Kenya I was born. I grew up in my family land where we knew nothing but agriculture and going to school.

Remember those days in the village, waking up in the morning lighting the fire while my Mom went to milk the cows, we had plenty of milk yes we did drank milk every morning before going to school.

I walked a Kilometer and half to school every day, walked back for lunch then back again for afternoon classes and back after four when classes finished and usually most of the time we had to run to school not walk.

In this village I learn't to work the garden, I never knew a supermarket I only knew the small kiosks in the market where we also had an open air market. Vegetable market was every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Everything sold in this market, fresh from the garden and fruits from the trees.

My family grew and grows all kinds of vegetables we also grew french beans for export. Those were good times. On the other hand we had coffee we all worked whether it came rain or sunshine. My mother sometimes used to roast coffee and grind whenever we wanted to drink coffee all from our gardens.

Today as I celebrate my birthday I remember those moments with a smile and nolstagia.

How I looked forward to school holidays so that I could visit my uncle who lived in another side of Mt.Kenya. The best thing I remember how we made chapati from whole wheat from family harvest. Oh God I miss.

And when a neighbour went to New Zealand and since then I started to dream that one day I would go abroad. I have not yet been to my dream Australia and New Zealand but Im coming.

Now many years after I find myself in the wonderful city called Bangkok, how did I get here? I ask myself and more to that I do not speak my native languange because I have a new language Italian, how did I get here? The world can really be strange and dreams can be realised.

Now at my age today, what is my dream in the next year?
I would write and write, let me stop now as I want to talk to my Mom and tell her how grateful I am for all she did to help me grow up to be what I am today and I can smile because I grew up in the best village ever!

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