May 31, 2009

Simple easy diet cocktail recipe: Shaking recession away with this economical recipe

Cocktail Blu Lagoon

For 1 person you need just 5 minutes of your time, perfect easy simple to make and economical during these hard financial times. And it is very simple and easy to make:

Ingredients needed are 3cl di vodka,3cl di curaçao,3cl lemon juice and
1 slice of lemon and cherry under spirit for decoration

Process: In a shaker mix 3cl di vodka, 3cl di curaçao, 3cl juice of lemon. Shake and put in a glass. Finally decorate with cherry and lemon slice.
Enjoy your cocktail!


Diet Plan said...

Nice post i must try Italian at home. :).

Diet Plan said...

Very good n tasty recipe shared Keep on sharing this type of recipes.

Mary said...

Hi Dietplan,

thanks. You know when I wrote the title I did not think it would be interesting. I welcome all you to please keep reading