Apr 5, 2009

Health benefits of...tomato

Health benefits of tomato

Every now and then my mother in law asks me if we are eating enough tomato in Bangkok and the answer is always yessss!

What are the reasons that makes her ask? The health benefits associated with this vegetable.
1)Lycopene in tomato contains antioxidants this may help in prevention of prostate cancer and some other forms of cancer, heart disease.


Note that Lycopene increases with temperature, I guess this is why my mother inlaw says make sure you eat a lot of cooked tomato.

This Easter make tomato your best friend and you do not have to have 10 acres of land to cultivate your juicy healthy tomato even in your balcony is enough to have 3 or 4 plants of this important fruit full of healthy benefits.

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Greatest dream: Vegetables cultivated from my backyard. While I lived in Romania this dream was realised. This picture shows some of the vegetables from my kitchen garden.
You too can do it, you can get help from the above e-book on how to cultivate healthy tomato.

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