Feb 1, 2009

Simple Italian recipe: Pasta and fagioli as pasta with beans

There are many ways of utilising the simple ingredients that you have in the house to come up with a meal that looks like just been delivered from Italy.

This is easy and simple really: Beans (canned beans), heat oil in a cooking pot add some whole peeled garlic so you can remove it someone does not eat garlic. As for my case we all love garlic so I crush it and cook together. Add a spoonful of tomato puree and add together a can of beans whatever white borlotti or the other I usually get what I find in the country I am in. Now, lately I have used also the baked beans but removing the liquid as it is kind of sweet but if you are using normal beans put in the whole content of the can. Cook for few minutes and using a vegetable machine pass it to cream like, or use a kind of crusher like gadget will try to find it and put a picture here. After which you add your pasta and cook stirring so that does not attach at the bottom.

I usually add a few leaves of Rosemary, Rosemary will do well in your balcony even in the house, why not use it as a decorative as well as herb.

Enjoy your pasta after 7 or 8 minutes cooking. Serve with bread if you like

simple pasta with beans
simple pasta with beans

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