Feb 24, 2009

Life in my village: Cooking Italian on the slopes of Mt.Kenya is it realistic?

Simple Italian recipes adaptable for all places

My brother asked me, would you cook Italian back in the village? And I thought for a minute and I said yes I could. Knowing what I know about simple Italian recipes that I cook over and over and I have been able to cook in different countries, for sure, I can adapt a few simple Italian recipes and cook them in my village. My village is in the slopes of Mt.Kenya, I grew up there working the land, picking coffee, carrying loads of potatoes to the market to sell harvesting french beans for export and drinking tonnes of tea with milk like it is the tradition of the area.
Our great food was Mukimo (marshed potatoes with greens and maize and beans)

I now think of all the fun growing up there, waking up early, preparing breakfast which was tea and we would eat leftovers of Ugali (Kenyan delicacy)here I have older postings of food we made http://cook-italian-way.blogspot.com/search/label/Kenyan%20cooking

Life was good we did not have kinderbriosch for snacks or toast our snack was lot's of fruit fresh from the trees and carrots eaten fresh while seated somewhere next to the plot with carrots. I never saw a fridge because in my village there is no need everything fresh from the garden, just need to decide what you want to eat and rush to the garden and get.
My mother had and has cows still, milk in the morning and sell off the milk the rest was for the morning tea and in the evening she will milk again.
I miss this life sometime, life was beautiful.

This is my mom walking around her garden.

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