Dec 23, 2008

Christmas Eve recession dinner: Easy Tiramisu

Tiramisu ready in 25 minutes. Guaranteed

Yes, it is recession time. I do not know why Im too much into this recession thing.
Anyway, wanted to tell you that I have just finished making my Simple Italian Easy Tiramisu, this is dessert for Christmas Eve dinner because some friends coming over requested for Tiramisu otherwise I would make something with chocolate.

For your Tiramisu recipe here is the older post for you to try

Simple Italian recipes - Healthy Italian recipes of lasagne, tiramisu,shepherds pie, simple pasta and pizza recipesSimple healthy Italian Recipes in times of Recession: Italian tiramisu recipe: step by step homemade tiramisu

Let me share some of the pictures from my kitchen 5 minutes ago.

Separate egg yellow from white, sugar mix well the yellow, then add mascarpone, beat the whites mix together with the yellow and mascarpone. Dip finger biscuits in coffee arrange in serving dish a layer of biscuits alternate with the mascarpone mixture. Sprinkle with dark cocoa or whatever kind of cocoa you find in your shop. Put in the Refrigerator for a number of hours this is it. Tiramisu easy simple and healthy way nothing beats the home made Tiramisu

easy tiramisu
easy tiramisu
easy tiramisu

easy tiramisu

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