Aug 17, 2009

Vegetable cake: Torta salata

dangerously delicious homemade pies

Vegetable Cake the Finale

Everyone is talking of dangerously delicious pies how about sampling and trying this delicious pie in the recipe here: Adopt it to dangerously delicious pie filled with mushroom and or any other vegetables you have in the house:
And this is the end product. This is a great way for you and family to enjoy different kinds of vegetables in a simple italian way.
This simple healthy Italian recipe can be adapted to what you have around in the house.
Give it a try and by the way the same dough can be used for biscuits.


tagercito . said...

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Nomadic Mary said...

Hi tagercito,

thanks Mombu for the score and review and link.

I hope many readers can benefit from the recipes I post.

web hosting said...

children in the house don't like eating vegetables but i feel they would definitely like vegetable cake.It looks interesting and at the same time it is nutritious.

Nomadic Mary said...

Hallo webhosting,

It is really nutritious. If you need more help in making it don't hesitate to let me know and I will help you.