Apr 14, 2008

Pasta: Carbonara spaghetti recipe

Spaghetti alla carbonara

Spaghetti 350 g
Bacon about 100 g
2 eggs
Olive oil 2 spoonfuls
Grated Pecorino cheese about 40 g
Grated Parmesan cheese about 40 g

While the spaghetti is cooking fry the bacon (if you do not have the Italian Pancetta other bacon will be fine) until crisp and golden. Whisk the eggs, grated cheese (both parmesan and Pecorino) and pepper if you like.

Sieve the Spaghetti al dente add them to the Pan with bacon,add the egg mixture to the spaghetti while mixing well and very fast so that the egg does not cook so much but remains creamy. Serve hot.

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Pam Hoffman said...

Gosh that sounds good.

I'm getting hungry, hope my dinner turns out as yummy as this sounds.

I don't think I know what Pecorino cheese is though. I'll have to look around at the store.

Thank you Mary!

Pam Hoffman