Nov 29, 2013

Eating Healthy In Nairobi - Home Made Signature Chicken

I call myself a Happy Housewife for a reason. I love what I do, cleaning, cooking and being the manager for my domestic ltd and my talented 10 year old singer (recording artist) and actor. Being a stay home Mom allows me to be creative in the kitchen. This is the chicken I love most, boneless thigh you find a nice one in Uchumi...(Uchumi should pay me for saying this :-) There are many ways I serve this chicken, with chapati, Piadina( Bread made in the area where my second home is),boiled potatoes (meru potatoes)or with oven baked potatoes and veggies. Accompany with Salad (as you can see in the picture it is rocket-rucola with olive oil and shredded parmesan cheese) my son loves this to bits.

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