Jan 8, 2014

Pizza time!

easy homemade pizza recipes
Yesterday evening my son was in a mood to participate in pizza making for dinner. Below is the picture of us preparing (mushrooms, mozzarella) ready for the oven.

I have in the past posted steps for making your Italian true pizza just like the Italians do.



eagerblogger said...

Looks fun but why are you doing in on the floor? LOL

narendra.s.v said...

i too love pizza!

morinn said...

i love pizzas! yours looks great!

by the way, your son is very cute.

take care~ ciao

hopeforafrica said...

Hi Morinn,
thanks a million.

Take great care and welcome back soon.

Andrea said...

Hi! I love pizza too! :D Hehe, you and your son are having a great time, I see :D

I've put a link from my blog to yours :)

Lynn Emery said...

Looks good. Any recipes for calzones? I'm going to keep reading. I'm not a cook, but I do know how to show up for dinner on time :)

Anonymous said...

yestrnite i went at it again, trying to prove that i
can read instructions right. i made powerful pizzas
that we are still eating. i followed your suggestion
and used warm water with milk, added some eggs and
made thin crusts. it is super.