Feb 27, 2013

School Closings: Experience Kenya the land of the safari

After travelling the world with my family Im back in Kenya now, almost 3 years since I came back. Still a housewife and Cooking here at cook-italian-way. Must accept I haven't been very creative with recipes lately. Have you ever been in Kenya? Would you like to experience the real Kenyan life? WOuld you like to share news of Kenya with your friends? Answer is simple, Im looking for housewives interested in travel, I will help you organise an exciting stay here in Kenya. See Kenya real Kenya, Experience real Kenya. If interested leave me a message here or send me mail at marydotmarete (at)gmail dot com You can also visit http://yarhkenya.blogspot.com/, an initiative by a 9 year old and see how you can help. With school closings, this is good time to experience the Kenyan hot weather.

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