Jul 24, 2008

Gourmet recession?

Learning to stretch the dollar

I need not talk about recession in a recipes blog but how can can I avoid it all together when the bag we used to fill some time back with a certain amount of dollars now it is half empty?

Do it yourself now is the way to go.
We have turned to eat more pasta, pizza and chicken.
I have step by step home made pizza in my recipes and guess what the left over pizza dough can make bread, then this bread can make sandwiches.

In this picture the other day I made pizza and the dough that remained I prepared some mini breads later we filled them with arugula, mozarella and olive oil, can fill with ham whatever you have in the fridge.
Give it a try.

Just roll the pizza dough cut into shapes you like put on the oven pan and then with some rosemary leave to rise then in the oven.

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