Mar 9, 2011

Mom I hate Pumpkin


We often hear our kids every now and then say this and not only pumpkin but other kinds of food, vegetables.

This is what my son told me, and I said ok, lets see if he changes his mind.

Steps: Boil the pumpkin and or cook it in the oven. Then marsh it, if you have some parmesan then that is great, but if you don't have it is all the same. You can change my recipe and add also potatoes and make a pureè of potatoes with pumpkin.
Then get the fresh pasta recipe here I had posted in the past.

When you have rolled the dough into very thin, cut into small squares and add using a spoon the pumpkin. Close as in photo, placing them on a kitchen cottoc cloth on the table. When finished put cook them in boiling water for 3 minutes and sieve.
Serve as you like. I served with garlic and tomatoes.

Fresh sage and butter would be great.
Read older articles in this blog for serving ideas.
Im sure you will hear more of "I WANT MORE"
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Parisukat said...

This one is just like what my mom preapares for my younger siblings who doesnt want veggies. hehe good one! thanks for sharing!

Nomadic Mary said...

Hi Parisikut,
and Im sure they like them. Don't they?