Mar 12, 2012

Pizza Forever

Pizza step by step

I have been making Pizza at home for friends and family like for years now. I have been tempted to start a small business 'pizza kiosk' somewhere in a big city for a living. It is an idea that I have been putting off for some time now but with the passing of time I think now I need the courage to do it.

For someone who has been having the same idea as me for a Pizza delivery business the time is ripe for you to decide like I have, pick up the phone call delivery van at Car Transport Service, rentals, suppliers for various products and launch into business.

Otherwise, you will keep cooking for you and friends and never have a chance to make a coin while the world out there is looking for people who can open up and cook healthy foods for them.

Pizza making: Easy simple healthy pizza recipe


for 500g of flour I use 25g cube of fresh yeast I mix first the yeast with some warm water, olive oil, and salt then the flour. Make the dough. Leave it to rest for atleast 2 hours covered with a kitchen cloth as shown above.
Then after 2 hours when you are ready to make your pizza, work the dough well, divide it into parts as shown.


Roll each ball to fit your pizza pan, I don't have any special pizza pan so I use the pan that comes with the oven.
Then garnish your rolled pizza with tomatoe, cheese, and ready to put in the oven, will stay approximately around 7 minutes make sure while you are kneading the dough you put on the oven to allow it to get enough hot.
Enjoy your pizza!

If you need any help leave me a comment and I will come to your rescue...


Anonymous said...

Great looking pizza! Yummy. Thanks for sharing with us.
Keep up.

Anonymous said...

I would hire you to prepare our family such great looking food every saturday

PG said...

Hi Mary - this is a very thin crust, yes? I will try this next time I do pizza, I usually leave mine too thick!

hopeforafrica said...

Hi PG,
thanks for stopping by and I hope I can see you here often, it is kind of lonely without guests.

I love the thin crust. Let me know if you need to know anything. A secret- top with grated parmesan if you have and it will taste mmmm!!

hopeforafrica said...

Hi Anonymous,
I would be happy to be hired to make pizza and other dishes for parties etc that is if you happen to be in the city where I am my next destination is Bangkok.