Jul 1, 2010

Sonoma the Wine and Food Country

There is nothing as good as being able to cook at home a great recipe from your favourite chef. Many times I go to a restaurant and eat great food and I just come back saying to myself I wish I could cook that.
Well, sometimes some great bloggers come up with great ideas of helping us get those lovely recipes from the chefs who made them. For the love of great food we sometimes take time to discover such bloggers. This time we are going to Sonoma wine and food country and find out about some great recipes that some great chefs from there have shared with our fellow bloggers.

A friend of who is planning on a trip in the area came to see me and we went searching for travel information about the area. Being Italians of course they also need to see how the food and wine is like from there and during that time we came across a really great blog we are sharing here today.
A unique blog with some great gourmet recipes from various top chefs in the area. My friend and I by just looking at it I could tell that Sonoma is a great place for wines and good food and I should say he is really looking forward looks like he is going to Tuscany.
I couldn't help but spend more time going through all the information about this place, it felt like I was in the real place.
I also found some great ideas for summer, home deco and all living in style stuff. I'm looking forward to trying some great ideas I found on this blog.

By the way for those of you who are interested in checking out on some exclusive living and food and wine ideas also recipes just click here and enjoy the lovely creations from Sonoma.
Those who are planning a trip to Sonoma or just passing through enjoy your time in this lovely place.

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